In this section you will find additional information others have found valuable in helping to build their businesses:

Health Challenges and Product Solutions - A list of potential health problems and the Unicity Products that will best address those problems - by Dr. Franklin Murphy.

Dr. Bresnahan Letter - Dr. Gerald Bresnahan is Chairman of the Cardio-Thoracic Department at Centinela Hospital, a major Southern California medical center and home to the Tommy Lasorda Heart Institute. He is one of the developers of the Enzyme Blood Test used worldwide to diagnose heart attacks. For twelve years Dr. Bresnahan has been the designated Cardiologist for the State Department in the Los Angeles area, on call for the President of the United States, the Pope and other visiting dignitaries.

Smith Barney Report - A research report on "dot com" companies in the United States and how they rate under several different categories. They found that Rexall/Unicity is the number one site in the United States.

Shuster Report - A summary of the independent audit done by Shuster Laboratories, an offshoot of MIT University, and the number one auditor of all manufacturors in the health care arena in the United States. They have given Rexall/Unicity the highest rating in their history for several audits in a row.

Important Phone Numbers - A list of information you will need. Knowing how to contact your support team and corporate partners is a valuable tool you should use.

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