Click on the links below for valuable tools to help you start and run your business. These tools, as well as many more, are maintained in a compact and easy-to-use format in our Downloads Library.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files. If you need to install this free program, click here.

Your first step, and the basis for all activities you should use to correctly build your business, is the e-Z Start Training Program. Focus on each of the three phases in their proper order to maximize your efficiency and to avoid confusion.

The Perfect Close will help you take your prospects through "perception" to a completed Application.

A fast way to initially build your organization, and efficiently use your time, is the Small Group Presentation. You may choose to focus on the Business, which is the best format for locating business oriented leaders and team members who will be able to assist you most in building a large organization. The Business Event Presentation is your guide for conducting the Business Event.

An easy way to inform, create immediate volume, and find product users is the Product focus approach. Conducting a Small Group Presentation that concentrates mostly on the Products will do this. The Product Event Presentation is a step-by-step guide for your Product Event.

Whether you are using the One-on-One, Two-on-One, Small Group Presentation, or working long distance it is extremely important that you correctly tell the story to your potential team members. The Inviting Scripts by Gary Mooers will help you contact and correctly communicate the necessary information at the right time.

The e-Z Summary by Sean Cunningham is a one page, ten-step summary of the e-Z Start Training Program.

Five Tips by Dr. Stewart Lonky to take full advantage of the Unicity Network Compensation Plan.

As in any business, there are fundamentals that separate the successful from the average. The Key Activities by Phillip Song highlights the actions necessary to be "above the rest".

The Basics of Making Money as an Independent Business Owner with Unicity Network.

Unicity Network "Advanced Performance Team" Compensation Plan.

The Power of Three by Doug Jones is a simple chart that shows how the duplication of efforts can lead to great wealth using the Unicity Network Compensation Plan.

Why Unicity - By Philip Song

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