Getting Started:

e-Z Start Training - Your training manual.

The Perfect Close - How to get a positive decision.

Business Event Presentation - How to conduct a Business Event.

Product Event Presentation - How to conduct a Product Event.

Inviting Scripts - Additional inviting scripts for you to try.

e-Z Summary - A one page summary of the e-Z Start Manual.

Key Activities - The Key Activities for success.

The Basics of Making Money as an Independent Business Owner with Unicity Network.
By Sean Cunningham.

Unicity Network "Advanced Performance Team" Compensation Plan.

Power of Three - Chart showing the power of duplication.

Five Tips by Dr. Stewart Lonky to take full advantage of the Unicity Network Compensation Plan.

Why Unicity - Philip Song


Dr. Bresnahan Letter - Bios Life II Cardiologist endorsement.

Smith Barney Report - Number one "dot com" business in the United States.

Shuster Report - Number one manufacturor of nutritional products in the United States.

Forms and References:

Health Challenges and Product Solutions

e-Z Application - An easy to use form for signing up your new IBO's.

Special Events Questionnaire - A form to be filled out by guests at your Product Events.

Organization Forms - Forms to help you construct and visualize your team in a flow chart format.

Important Phone Numbers - How to contact your team and corporate partners.

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