Unicity Network is one of the largest, and certainly the most powerful, direct selling companies in the United States. Our parent Royal Numico controls over a quarter of all Nutritional Distribution in the world. Some of our other holdings include GNC Stores, Nutricia, and Rexall Sundown.

Through Royal Eagle, our organization of Independent Business Owners, we offer serious individuals an opportunity that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Picture yourself as part of an incredible team of honest, caring and motivated individuals reaching out to finally accomplish the goals and dreams of your youth; while improving the quality of life for your family and friends through the gift of good health. How will we accomplish this? By capturing the distribution rights to patented and unique products that are scientifically proven, and working together as a team to create the wealth that others dream of!

Who Are We? Click on Spotlight and your country of interest. Surprise! We are you.

Welcome to eaglefocus.com. Together we will make it happen!

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